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Contemporary artist in a figurative style, Anne-Marie Beauchamp's paintings is about inner emotions expressed through the human figure. It is "a window into intimacy".

"Painting has a way of reaching beyond cultural differences into the more intimate emotions of life experiences that we share as human beings. The act of painting is an open dialogue which gives me a sense of belonging with my fellow man and the universe."

She expects an emotional response, as opposed to a cognitive response, from the viewer. She paints live models, scenes from daily life, intimate moments inspired by life experiences. Her work is colorful and celebrates life!  

For more than 25 years, her interest in art mediums and techniques has had her working with a wide range of materials. This has led her to choose painting with acrylic or oil, on canvas and wood. She often uses her own technique called "Pencres©" which incorporates ink and paint. She constantly research composition with color, line and texture.

Fine Arts undergraduate, she went and studied in Paris, France in 1989-1990 and exhibited her work in a group show. In Canada, she was awarded a "Grant of Excellence" for her Master's research in cultural sociology. A three-time awardee of "Grande Distinction" at the 2004, 2007 and 2011, CAPSQ's "Gala des arts visuels" in Montreal, she has exhibited her artwork in France, England, Tunisia, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Holland, in different museums and galleries.

In 2010, she did a solo retrospective exhibition at the Galerie Kaf Art in Montreal. In 2011, she exhibited her artwork at the Artexpo New York. She becomes a member of the Montreal Art Center where she also works in her studio space. Since then, her artwork is permanently shown in the Griffintown Gallery. She still participates regularly in symposiums and exhibitions throughout the Province of Quebec and internationally and she still participates regularly in symposiums and exhibitions throughout Quebec and internationally.


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